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Doctors clear Kyle Schwarber to play in offseason, slow-pitch softball league

CHICAGO — After two weeks with the Chicago Cubs, Kyle Schwarber said he’s ready to return to “real games.”

A rehab stint, in which Schwarber helped the Cubs end a 108-year World Series drought, has the slugger primed for play with his O’Callahan’s Irish Pub team in the Chicago Social Club fall softball league.
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Dad Believes Football Taught Paralyzed Son a Lot About Character

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Charles Franklin said he sees a little extra grit in his boy’s eyes.

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It’s me, your grandfather, the Cubs fan

Hello, Grandson.

It’s been a while.

I’m sure you’re a little freaked out to hear from me.

Besides, I’m dead, and have been for 14 years.

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Fall is for football… and that’s pretty much all

It’s football season, America!

(Click on the link for a piece published Oct. 14, 2016 on Second City Network.)


My first favorite team

Here’s what I wrote about the Cubs on Oct. 10, 2015:

“Because I was bored” is the answer to an uncomfortable amount of questions about my childhood.

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Would you believe the most crowded media area for venues that I’ve been to in Rio de Janeiro was for race walking?

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And still…

I went to Olympic Stadium on Thursday night to see Usain Bolt.

Not a track meet. But Usain Bolt.

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Summer of goodbye

A couple Olympians who might as well be honorary Virgin Islanders, given what they’ve meant to the career of our most famous retiree, had farewells of their own on Wednesday.

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Getting there

One of the unique things about the Olympics is it’s the closest thing we have in American culture to equality in coverage and fervor between men’s and women’s sports.

Famously in these games, there have been slip-ups in that regard.

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