Would you believe the most crowded media area for venues that I’ve been to in Rio de Janeiro was for race walking?

It probably has more to do with a smaller facility and how about 150 athletes are racing in their only day of competition than intrigue about the sport, but I’ll pretend it’s the latter.

There’s dozens of little stories like that from behind the scenes but most of them are boring. Bus rides, jockeying with other reporters in “mixed zone” interview areas, or getting crowded by aggressive photographers has been like 83 percent of my time in Brazil but I’ve loved it nonetheless.

The best part, I’d say, has been spending some time with my role models, and I don’t mean Michael Phelps and Kevin Durant.

I discussed Uber with John Niyo of the Detroit News, Virgin Islands sports with Joe Posnanski of NBC Sports, fencing with Christine Brennan of USA Today, and talked about Milt Newton with David Aldridge of NBA.com.

I grew up reading some these sports writers and still read them today.

So, I want to say thanks to The Daily News for sending me, to the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee for being accessible and to the readers for following along.

This is a trip I’ll never forget.

This will be my last postcard, but I’ll have a report from sightseeing when I get back to the Virgin Islands, including the wonder of Christ the Redeemer, the food, and whatever else me and my girlfriend get into in this next week.

For now, obrigado. Or, thank you.