Last Chance Power Drive

Some writings from Matt Schoch.

Dark cloud

RIO DE JANEIRO — Eddie Lovett can’t catch a break on race day.

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Dangerous drive?

This picture has been a life-saver for me, as I’ve showed it to taxi and Uber drivers to break through the language barrier and explain my destination.

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Like a good neighbor

After covering sailing on Saturday, I figured it was time to do my neighborly duties and celebrate some Puerto Rican success.

The boricuas earned their first Olympic gold medal ever, and it was a big one.

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A three-hour tour

Sailing is probably the hardest sport to photograph, at least in my limited experiences.

Those great sailing photographs you sometimes see (not from me), well, a lot goes into them.

On Friday, I hit the press boat to get shots of Virgin Islanders Cy Thompson and Thomas Barrows in Olympics sailing.

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Forgetting the poor?

I took this photo for today’s postcard because it’s an interesting juxtaposition of Rio de Janeiro.

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The Beautiful Game

Forget Zika and random gunfiire into the media bus.

The biggest threat to my safety may have been avoided when the Brazilian soccer team got its act together on Wednesday night.

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The (awkward) GOAT

I’ve seen Tiger Woods play golf in person, and both Michael Jordan and LeBron James play basketball, too.

On Tuesday night, I saw Michael Phelps in the pool.

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Everything is fine

imageI was filing my preview story for Tuesday’s Clayton Laurent Jr. fight at 7:26 p.m. Brazil time on Monday when there was a nearby explosion strong enough to shake my laptop and table.

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At the Co-pa…

Sorry, Magens. And Cinnamon. And my home beach of Limetree.

I went to check out another beach while visiting Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics: The famed Atlantic beach of Copacabana.

(And yes, Barry Manilow is in my head whenever I hear the name.)

I went Saturday to see what all the fuss was about.

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